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you may say that i'm a dreamer [entries|friends|calendar]

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ATTN: Jon Rackham, Esquire [03 May 2009|02:41pm]
A letter to a soulmate of sortsCollapse )
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recap [06 Jun 2008|01:36am]
Right now I'm living im Valencia Spain. Just got in from a midnight walk around the city w/ Jon. it was nice. but i can't wait to come home. It was my dream to come and live here for the longest time in my life. But saying that, I've been living here for just under a year now, and all I want in the world is to be home. that and taco bell. i think i got a heavy addiction living in milledgeville, and its more or less all i can think about anymore. I made burritos from scratch tonight. they were actually pretty good. made my own salsa, guacamole, mexican rice- more or less all but the tortilla. makes a girl proud :) the best part was they had me running to the bathrom halfway through, so you KNOW they were authentic. meh. don't really know what to say about me. im not the same person anymore, but who is? i think that after this trip, ill never be the same, but thats a given. and yeah. i guess thats about it.

i dont know if anyone reads this anymore. or even still uses it past when we were all 16 or so.. but just thought i would write a digital hello for all my old friends that i havent spoken too since high school. so hello!

just thought i would share a few random moments/ memories from this past year that i personally found amusing.

- eating KFC in Valencia with a french guy and an italian guy
- rapping the fresh prince of belair at 2 am outside some old womens window w/ a londoner
- thanksgiving dinner, where the only other american was a guy from idaho, and he brought the potatoes

yeah.. moments i wont forget till the alzheimers kicks in, so yeah.. here i come old age & degenerative diseases!!!
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bandwagon anyone? [20 Oct 2005|03:47pm]
1. Best memory of you and me.
2. Favourite thing about me.
3. What's the best thing you've ever done with me.
4. What's my best quality.
5. What's my worst quality.
6. Describe me in as many adjectives as you want.
7. If you could set me up with someone who would it be.
8. Name one band i like.
9. Name one thing i wear.
10. Name one thing i love.
11. Name one thing you think i should have.
12. Say one fact about me.
13. Write your honest opinion of me.
14. Post this on your journal.
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friends only [13 May 2004|09:22pm]
friends only- just ask
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